Mobile Window Screen and                                                  Screen Door Repair and Replacement Service

We offer a full range of mobile window screen repair services, screen colors and options.

We'll make it easy for you, by walking you through the step-by-step process.

We offer our customers a 3-year Unconditional Guarantee.

If for ANY reason our screens should fail, we will come out and replace or repair them for you at no charge.

The only thing you have to lose are the bugs!

Window Re-screening and Replacement Prices

All RE-SCREENING prices listed include installation, new standard mesh screen and spline.

  1. Basic re-screening of window frame (using your existing aluminum frame)                          $24.99 each
  2. Upgrade your standard screen mesh to Sun Screen With Solar Protection                          $34.99 each
  3. Re-screen your door (sliding or swinging)                                                                              $44.99 each
  4. Re-screen Slider Door with Upgraded Mesh with Sun Screen and Solar Protection             $54.99 each
  5. Re-screen your wood door (with aluminum insert)                                                                 $64.99 each
  6. Upgraded Mesh with Sun Screen and Solar Protection                                                         $74.99 each

Pay with cash or check.  

We accept all major credit cards for your convenience.


Custom Made Window Screen Frames and Sliding Screen Doors


  1. Small Size Frame Replacement, width and/or height under 26"                            $34.99 each
  2. Upgraded Small Frame with Sun Screen and Solar Protection                              $44.99 each
  3. Large Size Frame Replacement, width and/or height over 26"                              $44.99 each
  4. Upgrade Large Frame with Sun Screen and Solar Protection                               $54.99 each
  5. New Sliding Screen Door (standard and custom sizes available)                       $134.99 - $199.99 each(size dependent) 
  6. Upgraded Sliding Screen Door with Sun Screen Mesh                                          $89.99 each
  7. Sliding Door Pet Guard                                                                                           $52.99 each
  8. Vinyl Sliding Track Replacement Bottom                                                                $29.99



We have 6 amazing colors for you to choose from for your new sliding door and/or window screen frames.




       To have us custom build any size frame or sliding screen door:

  1. Choose your color
  2. Then we'll install and guarantee they fit and work properly


It's that easy! 

        Upgrade from regular screens to Solar Sun Screens

Windows account for up to 50% of the radiant heat that enters your home. This costs Nevada homeowners a lot of money on air conditioning!  Solar Sun Screens are an affordable solution because they block up to 80% to 90% of that radiant heat that beats down on your windows.  Best of all, Solar Sun Screens usually pay for themselves within one to two cooling seasons!  They let you stay cool in the summer and save you money while adding to the resale value of your property.  Let us give you a free installation estimate so you can lose the heat and high power bill!


So call Reno/Sparks Mobile Screen Repair and replace your broken/torn window screens and/or sliding screen doors.                                         Get your free estimate and find out why more people depend on us! (775) 997-9498