Residential Window Cleaning Services

Don't take chances with just anyone when cleaning your home's windows.

RENO WINDOW CLEANING is the area's premier choice:

  •  All necessary licenses and insurance. 
  • Background-checked, trained, and skilled window technicians.
  • Automated recurring service reminders (both texted and email).
  • Easy online paying and invoicing (we honor all major credit cards).

We have all your homes clean window maintenance needs covered! 


Window cleaning is our main service and we take great pride in the job we do for each of our customers. With years of experience, we've mastered the artful skill of window cleaning, which means you'll notice the difference in how beautiful your glass can look when cleaned properly. Because we take extra care and time to do the job right, we are confident you will be happy with the results.


Windows, Screens, Tracks, Sills Cleaned


We consistently use the same 7 step process with every window pane, frame, screen, track and sill:

  1. Remove dust and wash screens.
  2. Remove bug droppings, dirt, dust and cobwebs from tracks and sills.
  3. Apply our special window washing solution that breaks down and removes dirt, dust and grime.
  4. Remove paint, stucco, pitch and sap with non-scratch pad and or special rag (if needed).
  5. Re-apply the window cleaning solution, scrubbing with a mop once more to remove all excess debris.
  6. Squeegee off dirty solution.
  7. Remove all remaining solution from glass and sills with special cloth. And if needed, use steel wool to finish and polish glass.


The final step is a walk through with you to make sure each and every window pane is cleaned to your satisfaction. We won't leave until we ensure the job is done to your liking!


We use the latest greatest window cleaning tools such as Moerman Liquidator Squeegees, Gardnier Water-Fed Poles that allow us to give you the clean, clear windows you desire.